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Mockingbird Times - January, 2014

Mockingbird times 

Happy New Year!


Count Us In!

That’s the last number of counted homeless youth and young adults that reside in the King County area alone. Every year in January, service providers and other amazing volunteers gather to count the heads of the homeless youth and young adults that are out in King County. But how did the count get started you ask? I had the opportunity to exchange dialogue with Megan Gibbard, Homeless Youth & Young Adult Project Manager of King County, about Count Us In.

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Expanding Extended Foster Care in 2014

As we ring in the New Year, it comes time for the legislative session to start. This year, we will have a short session, beginning January 13th, and ending in March.

As we come into the session, our Legislative Advocacy priorities become more and more important.

This session, we are trying to finish up our legacy priority of Extended Foster Care (EFC). We ask for the final two categories to be implemented as allowed by the Federal Fostering Connections Act that was enacted in 2008.

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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Happy New Year! After an amazing 2013, we enter 2014 energized, motivated and focused on upstream solutions, youth voice and supporting our young people who need it most!

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Young Adults Moving with Zumba

Dahkota Beckham, Zumba instructor for Young Adults Moving (YAM) at the Dale Turner YMCA

Our very own, Dahkota Beckham, has been a Zumba instructor since she was 17 years old, and is the youngest Zumba instructor in America! When Dahkota was 16 years old, she walked into a Zumba class she read about on a magazine cover. At first glance, it was a joke but it soon turned into a passion.

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Resources for Young Adults in Need

Below is a list of resources from shelters to crisis support for youth and young adults. I made this list because as a homeless youth I did not know of these resources for almost svene months. I hope that this list can support you or your loved ones because being homeless is not fun and we all need help in some way. I hope that this list is beneficial to some people and can be used to improve your winter. Happy New Year!

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You Have to Keep Moving

Jonathan and his sister using a giant slingshot.

In my mind there is a big difference between change and transition. The first refers to what has physically happened in my life: going into foster care, becoming homeless, moving from house to house. Transition on the other hand, is how you hold your head up high, keep your chest out and keep moving forward. Change can sometimes be instant, but transitioning through it can be very slow.

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seven sins

broken petals fall from above
roses wilting fading into memories
frozen hearts shattering to dust
silver shards shining from the moon
the memories have broken from lust
having fun
now this is a must
roses wilted from the pride
who knew
life would be such a ride

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Chapter Voice

Mockingbird Youth Network: Our Voice. Our Future
Olympia Chapter youth at December’s meeting

In the Olympia chapter, we had a chapter meeting and talked about what is going on in the foster care community. Mikhail Stewart and I talked about the State Leadership Council (SLC) experience and what is coming up in our 2014 advocacy agenda. We talked about Extended Foster Care and how it did or did not benefit us. Some of us had personal experiences and connections with it and some members learned about it for the first time.

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