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Mockingbird Times - July, 2016

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Youth Homelessness: A Journey With Consequences

Becoming homeless as a youth is not a choice but a result. The result of many different events, people, and places. It is a process. The aggregate of our joys and sufferings. Every beating by a parent, every touch by an uncle, a stranger, every punch by a bully, a friend, every word, every laugh and mockery, every lonesome moment, every death of a loved one, led us here to this point.

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Interns: Secret Superheroes

Development interns Tiauna Cabillan and Kenzie Beard at YAD 2016.

Interns can be an invaluable resource for an organization because of their ability to expand workplace capacity. Their role can become complex and sometimes hard to understand. With many different types of internships available, interns and organizations have to be very clear about what they are hoping to get out of the experience, so they can minimize confusion and maximize productivity.

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Letter from the Executive Director

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends and Allies,

Summer is usually the time when things slow down a bit, but that is not true here at The Mockingbird Society. Chapter members from across the state have been engaged in deep discussions, exploring the complex issues and challenges faced by young people experiencing foster care and homelessness...

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Get Connected, Go To School

Tyler having a little fun before a training.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Seattle Education Access, or SEA, which has helped me identify some of the gaps that exist when you have no idea how and when to get into college. In our current society, college is too important of an opportunity to pass on, regardless of some of the debt that comes with it. SEA specifically dedicates itself to connecting students across all spectrums to resources that make going to college doable. Had I not connected with them, I never would have known how to plug myself in to classes in a meaningful way. Those of you interested in taking that next step, get your pen and take notes.

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Extended Foster Care Misconceptions

Zack shows off his new car!

Every foster child thinks about their 18th birthday, whether that date approaches with joy, excitement or fear. There is one thing every foster youth will do on this day: either leave foster care or sign themselves into Extended Foster Care (EFC). EFC is a relatively new program implemented in Washington state, and many youths have misconceptions about the program, including how placement works and how involved your social worker would be in your life. I’ve been in EFC for a year now...

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My Personal Journey Through Foster Care

Hannah Reno Walker

I have been in foster care since I was a little girl. From what I remember, I entered foster care at age 13 and was put into Sally’s House with my brother for several months. Later, we were both put into the same foster home in the Central Valley School District. I was upset and missed my mother; it was the same for my brother.

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Chapter Voices

“What have you achieved in the first half of 2016?”

“I have achieved the opportunity to participate in many events in my community. In turn, I was able to receive hours towards my community service, which is something that I have been seeking for the longest time!” — Everett chapter member, Keke McMillan

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Art In Action

How do we measure time?
Through seconds, through minutes
Do we use hours, days, weeks, or years?
I guess we use them all.
But how do we know that time is real?
We use time to run our lives.

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