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Mockingbird Times - June, 2013

Mockingbird times 

Youth inspired solutions

Meet The Mockingbird Society’s Newest Network Representatives

powericonPower Of One
Gabriel Plummer

I was born in Detroit. I always wondered why I didn’t continue to be raised there until my mom explained to me that we had moved because one day she saw me playing with one of my older brothers’ guns (he was in a gang). She took this as a sign that she wanted to end the cycle of ghettos with me. From that moment we moved to Washington to begin a new journey.

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Letter From the Editor by Jim Theofelis

Jim Theofelis

Dear Friends:

The Mockingbird Society’s Board of Directors has approved a three-month sabbatical for me, meaning I will temporarily step away from my duties as Executive Director for the months of June, July and August. Almost 12 years after founding The Mockingbird Society, it has grown into a strong, state-wide organization driven by our inspiring youth as well as dedicated staff and Board members. This time away is an opportunity for me to recharge my batteries while Mockingbird continues to grow stronger. During my time away, my duties as Executive Director will pass to our excellent Deputy Director Ros Ghan, who has been a crucial part of Mockingbird’s growth for over eight years. This also presents an excellent opportunity to welcome new voices to the “Letter from the Editor” section of the Mockingbird Times, so look for exciting “Guest Editors” to contribute over the next two issues.

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The Mockingbird Society Hosts a Japanese Delegation

payiconPay It Forward
Deonate Cruz

IFCA MCMRecently, The Mockingbird Society had the  opportunity to play host to a Japanese  delegation that was traveling abroad  to study innovative solutions to barriers in  foster care. This delegation was hosted by  the International Foster Care Alliance (IFCA),  a nonprofit organization based in Seattle.  They were particularly interested in The  Mockingbird Society’s Mockingbird Family  Model or MFM for short.

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United Way All Star Softball Classic for King County Homeless Youth

payiconPay It Forward
Mandy Urwiler and Gabriel Plummer


Mailing DayRecently, the United Way of King County approached The Mockingbird Society about an advocacy opportunity they had for youth who had experienced homelessness. The opportunity was to participate in a video project to build awareness for their campaign to end homelessness. United Way thought The Mockingbird Society would be a perfect organization because of our mission to always bring youth voice to the table. The video is designed to show that homeless youth have a lot of the same dreams and hobbies as most youth and gives the audience a sense of what homeless youth are up against.

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Art in Action
By Gabriel Plummer


I remember being a child waving
like a flag in the summer breeze,
Aloof in my stare, with the birds
belting out an symphony of tunes,
Dancing a ballet; I would fly with
them unashamed.
I’d stay out past the height of
the suns hour, setting upon old
horizons to welcome the mystery
which would become the start of
many moons.
I’d gaze upon the stars casting
my hopes and fears on each my
brokenness as wavering as the
And like a galaxy of dreams never
sought, a vague remembrance
flashing back, to storms I wallowed
in my apathy to a womb cold and
troubled; O’ how I’d come to miss
the sweet nativity of my youth!

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Chapter Voice

The Mockingbird Network

system reformChapter


Seattle Elects New Chapter Leaders by Leo Fernandez

monthly meeting

Region 1 South (Seattle) — Hello my fellow Chapter participants. I am here to bring you guys up to speed with everything that has been going on with the Seattle Chapter! Our two biggest accomplishments these past couple months include choosing Chapter Leaders and preparing our Summit topic.

For a significant while, we have not had Chapter Leaders for the Seattle Chapter. The month before SLC we needed to decide not only on Chapter Leaders but also what topic we were going to bring to SLC and Summit. Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us.

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