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Mockingbird Times - November, 2013

Mockingbird times 

It's National Adoption Month!

Meeting with Children’s Administration head yields exciting progress

Chapter Leaders from all six Mockingbird Youth Network Chapters
met with Jennifer Strus, head of Children’s Administration.

The conference room buzzed with nerves and excitement as each member waited patiently for Jennifer Strus, the Assistant Secretary of the Children’s Administration, to arrive.

As she entered, all the focus turned to the kind faced Assistant Secretary and the meeting began as each member introduced themselves and the chapter they were representing.

The agenda items at hand were subjects that were introduced at the 2013 Leadership Summit: Extended Foster Care, Prudent Parent Standard, Permanency Pact, Educational Continuity, and Inappropriate Use of Psychotropic Medication. Collectively, we were asking Jennifer Strus to review and implement our solutions into the foster care system.

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8th Annual Homeless Youth Advocacy Summit

Youth at the Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness

The Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness (SKCCH) held their 8th Annual Homeless Youth and Young Adult Advocacy Summit at Seattle City Hall on October 1st. A total of 29 youth participated and advocated for five different issues that youth struggle with on a daily basis being low-income or homeless. The youth spoke with Seattle City Council and King County Council members about the issues.

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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

As we move through fall, The Mockingbird Society and our Youth Network are setting the stage for another legislative session. We will be advocating with Washington’s leaders in pursuit of youth-inspired solutions and proven reforms that will improve outcomes for all youth impacted by foster care and homelessness.

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Foster Youth Need Legal Representation

Every youth in foster care needs their own legal representation; currently in Washington State, we are failing the children —leaving them voiceless, scared, and alone in what seems like a foreign country.

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Jezekirah Cox is Living the Dream

Hello All! My name is Jezekirah Cox and I am 19 years old. I am excited to be the newest addition to the Network Representative team. I spent three years in the foster care system and when I was eight years old I was adopted. After escaping from the terrors that were a part of my foster care experience, I knew that I did not want other kids experiencing what I lived through.

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Creating a Forever Family

November is a time for being thankful and grateful for what you have and celebrating with the ones closest to you. November is also National Adoption Month. This month people are celebrating all over the United States by creating families or building onto the ones that they have. I had the opportunity to interview, Mrs. Cecelia Oxford, a counselor for the Shelter to Housing Program at YMCA Young Adult Services. She has just recently adopted a new baby girl who is absolutely adorable and her name is Elise Marcella Oxford.

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Searching for Home

Twisted with my mind in tangles
I’m not ready for this
Shaking my head at the flashing lights;
As they disturb the nightly abyss
Hard thumps against my chest
But there’s no time to be afraid.
There’s too many people and emotions;
They’re overwhelming me

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Chapter Voice

Mockingbird Youth Network: Our Voice. Our Future
Mockingbird’s Everett Chapter is getting the word out

Over the last 2 months, the Everett Chapter has been busy, participating in important events! In September, Everett Chapter Leader Janell Braxton and Valerie Skelton were speakers in The Mockingbird Society’s Annual Benefit Luncheon. They shared their touching story of living together in a foster home. It was sweet to hear them talk about how living together wasn’t always easy.

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