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Youth Leadership Summit

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Youth attendees are selected through a competitive application process. Throughout the Summit, youth are engaged in activities designed to develop and hone leadership skills. The conference culminates with each chapter of the Mockingbird Youth Network and Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness presenting a policy proposal to the Washington State Supreme Court Commission on Foster Care and the Office of Homeless Youth Prevention and Protection Programs Advisory Committee.

 For more information about how to apply for the Summit, please check back each spring! 

The 2016 Summit Topics

The Yakima Chapter: Legal Representation for All Children and Youth in Foster Care

The Tacoma Chapter: Eliminating Youth Detention for Status Offenses and Expanding Family Reconciliation Services

The Seattle Chapter: Partial Credits for Unresolved Coursework Due to Foster Care Placement Transfers

The Olympia Chapter: Access to Driver's Permits and Licenses for Foster Youth

The Spokane Chapter: Comprehensive Sexual Education for Youth in Foster Care

The Everett Chapter: Addressing the Foster Parent Crisis by Implementing the Mockingbird Family Model

Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness: Educational Supports for Students Experiencing Homelessness