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With the generous support of The Andrus Family Fund, The Mockingbird Society has implemented the William Bridges Transitions Framework. The partnership between The Mockingbird Society and The Andrus Family Fund is based on our common goal to improve outcomes for youth leaving the foster care system.

The Transitions Framework provides a way for youth and adults to better understand, track, and control what they are experiencing.


This Framework:

  • Teaches youth to understand the difference between Change and Transition.
  • Helps guide youth impacted by foster care or homelessness through their responses to the many change.s they experience by giving.
  • Gives them the tools they need to navigate the transitions in their lifelives.

Youth who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness deal with changes at a higher frequency than others. Youth often move to new homes, work with new social workers, appear before new judges, or start attending new schools. However, ALL people experience change. The Transitions Framework is for everyone. It reinforces the notion that changes and feelings the emotional responses they bring are normal, and gives everyone a sense of personal responsibility and courage to reframe the issues they face in a positive manner.