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Mockingbird Family Model


Mockingbird Family Model DiagramMockingbird Family Model Diagram

We believe in taking good care of people who take good care of children and youth.  We know caregivers face immense pressures. We know caregivers often feel isolated and forgotten. We also know this can be different. 

The Mockingbird Family Model (MFM) is an award-winning, innovative – yet intuitively old-fashioned – model of foster care delivery that intentionally creates community. In every MFM Constellation, six to ten families live in close proximity to a licensed foster care family – a Hub Home – who assists in navigating bureaucracy and offers peer support, social activities and respite care.

The Mockingbird Society provides technical assistance and training to replicate the MFM in local, national and international foster care communities. It's a practical, smart, cost-effective way to create stronger families.

“Being part of the Constellation has added to the enrichment of my foster children by creating relationships between my children and others. I feel the Constellation makes all of us better individuals.” - Mockingbird Family Model Hub Home Parent

View the Mockingbird Family Model brochure (PDF) to learn more about this innovative model of foster care delivery.

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