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On Wednesday, January 22nd, the Metropolitain King County Council's Regional Policy Committee welcomed The Mockingbird Society, represented by Executive Director Jim Theofelis to brief them on the broad impacts of the Extended Foster Care program.

Jim's testimony can be viewed here.

The Regional Policy Committee brings together elected leaders from King County, Seattle, and other cities throughout the county. These local jurisdictions are uniquely impacted by safe housing programs because when a youth in foster care ages out without a place to stay, without safety net, counties and cities are sattled with the responsibility of serving these youth in their shelters, in their emergency rooms, and their jails. With safe housing aging out, youth have access to the opportunities they need to be successful adults, while local governments are relieved of the unfunded mandate of treating those youth who too often fall through the cracks.

We need an ALL OUT effort in 2013 if we are to get HB 1302 - Extended Foster Care through the legislature. Are you with us? Click here to show your support!