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Going Through Transitions

montrai williams

In my life I have been through many transitions.

I started in kinship care at the age of six and stayed with my grandparents. I was really young so I didn't think much of it – my childhood carried on. At 11 I was placed back with my father and life started to get rough. My dad and I didn't get along well so I grew up at an early age and started doing things on my own. I have a little brother who is three years younger than me so I had to look out for him as well. If we didn't run away we were kicked out, and if we were not kicked out we ran away. Life became very stressful, confusing, and annoyingly frustrating. When I turned 17 I didn't realize that it would be the beginning of a seven year on and off again homeless stage in my life. I blocked out everyone in my life and it became the most dangerous phase I have ever been through. A few weeks ago I had my 23rd birthday and I can say my life has changed dramatically. I will no longer have to worry about living in the streets, sleeping with friends or struggle to live. I have a new job and I am a few steps away from getting my own apartment.

I am satisfied with what I went through because it made me the stronger, smarter and better person I am today.