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Youth Leadership Summit

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Youth Leadership Summit

Each year, the Youth Leadership Summit brings together youth leaders from each of Mockingbird’s seven chapters around Washington state to present their proposals for state-wide reform to improve foster care and end youth homelessness.

The first day includes a Systems Reform Workshop, where chapter members practice presenting their proposals in front of panels of policy advisors including experts in child welfare and/or youth homelessness, Mockingbird staff and alumni, and other community partners. On day two, youth advocates take center stage to present their proposals to the Washington State Supreme Court Commission on Children in Foster Care and the Office of Homeless Youth Prevention and Protection Programs Advisory Committee.

2017’s Youth Leadership Summit Proposals

Olympia Chapter

Improve social worker support and retention by exploring Children’s Corps’ methods of recruitment, training, and peer supports for new caseworkers 

Spokane Chapter

Expand housing options for young adults in Extended Foster Care by creating a supportive housing program with more case management and independent living services for young adults 

Yakima Chapter

Expand Passport to College Promise Scholarship eligibility to include youth in Tribal Foster Care, Federal Foster Care, and the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) 

Everett Chapter

Meaningfully engage youth in the creation and oversight of the new Department of Children, Youth, & Families by including youth from DSHS regions on both the oversight and stakeholder committees

Seattle Chapter

Improve access to information about legal rights for youth in foster care through a mobile app and website 

Tacoma Chapter

Expand long-term housing options for youth ages 16 and 17 to prevent exiting shelters to homelessness or unstable housing 

Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness Chapter

Expand affordable housing for young adults exiting Transitional Housing by fully funding the Housing Trust Fund and providing guidance for youth providers in using Master Leasing to service youth