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Young people of color are overrepresented in foster care, among youth and young adults experiencing homelessness, and in our juvenile justice system. We acknowledge this disproportionality and seek solutions that eliminate those disparities and promote well-being for each and every child and young person.

End Jailing Youth for Non-Criminal Behaviors

Pass HB 1434 (Rep. Frame) / SB 5290 (Darneille)

End practice of jailing minors for truancy, running from foster care placement, or violating ARY/CHINS petitions. Replace with trauma-informed processes that address root causes and promote safety and well-being. 


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Include Young Adults with Lived Experience

Pass HB 1561 (Rep. Dent) / SB 5435 (Sen. Wilson)

Designate two seats on DCYF Oversight Board for young adults with lived experiences of child welfare and/or Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration.

Pass HB 1657 (Rep. Callan) / SB 5470 (Sen. Kuderer)

Designate two seats on OHY Advisory Committee for young adults with lived experience of homelessness.



Improve Transition Planningp1 pic2

Begin transition planning for youth in foster care at age 14 by establishing dedicated staff to facilitate/support planning and coordinating with Independent Living Services (ILS) (Budget only).



Improve Foster Parent Recruitment & Retention MockingbirdLogoCMYKTag

Expand MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ model to Kent and other High-
need communties (Budget only.)




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Improve & Expand Sutdent Stability Program (HSSP)

Lead: Build Changes

Expand school points of contact for students experiencing homelessness; encourage school housing partnerships to address racial disporportionality among homeless students; and expand finding.

Promote Equitable Education Outcomes

Lead: Treehouse

Address the disparities in educational outcomes for youth and young adults experiencing homelessness and foster care

End Youth Homelessness with Anchor Communities Initiative

Lead: A Way Home Washington

Invest $4 million per biennium to support four Washington communities (Pierce County, Walla Walla, Yakima, and Spokane) as they build a system to end youth homelessness by 2022.

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