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Mockingbird Family ModelTM


The Mockingbird Family ModelTM (MFM) is an innovative foster care delivery model that creates an extended family community designed to support, develop and retain quality foster families that can meet the challenging and complex needs of children and youth experiencing foster care. The MFM provides a framework and opportunity for communities to come together in support of its young people. Foster families are valued and retained; youth thrive and communities strengthen their support around children and families that keep us connected.

The MFM recreates the positive qualities and resources found in naturally thriving families in part through the role of the Hub Home—an experienced and licensed foster care family who provides support to other foster families participating in the MFM. The community network created by the MFM focuses on the individual needs of its youth by ensuring foster parents are highly skilled and effective in providing the best care for our community’s youths. When foster families are developed and brought into a supportive community like the MFM, social workers are more able to focus on successful reunifications with family and loved ones and other meaningful permanency options for our young people.