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Clayton Hefley


The Dream of Society
For how long was a veil drawn before
my eyes
Adopting mutual disguises
How long has it been since I opened my
And shifted my gray gaze to the shifting

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Trai Williamssoftball

Working at The Mockingbird Society has truly been an experience that I will never forget. I came to Mockingbird homeless, mad at the world, and struggling to survive. Over the course of almost three years, I have gone from homeless to stably housed, from mad at the world to taking control of my life, and from struggling to survive to learning how to thrive! The Mockingbird Society gave me the skills to not only connect with society, but to also take on any task that is handed to me. Sitting back and thinking about the day I started to participate with Mockingbird has humbled me even more! When I thought I had nothing else to lose and assumed that no one would ever care about me, homeless youth, or what we had to say, The Mockingbird Society taught me differently.

Screen Shot 2017 08 22 at 10.52.24 AMYAEH

Liz HernandezYAEH forum

On Thursday, March 12th, six members of the Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness (YAEH) program and two Mockingbird Youth Network Representatives presented two proposals to a group of over 80 people with an interest in helping to end youth and young adult homelessness in King County.

letter from the editorI hope you will join me in honoring April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Although it is critical to promote awareness of abuse and neglect year-round, this month gives communities across the country an opportunity to share their best strategies to ensure that children are protected from harm...

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Jessica Cookreal world inspiration

On Saturday, March 21st, the Spokane Mockingbird Youth Network chapter was asked to set up a booth at the Real World Conference held at Spokane Community College. The Real World Conference is for youth in care age 14-21.

Pay it Forward icon 1Pay It Forward

Mandy Urwiler

Are you in foster care or have you been in foster care? Do you have family members that you want to find or have you been told that you have no relatives? It can be heartbreaking to know that you might have a sibling out there that you can’t find because you were separated in foster care, but there are people who can help! Some Independent Living programs in Washington provide a relative search program aimed at helping foster youth find family members who they have either lost contact with or don’t know they have.

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Lamar Campbellnational approach

In February, I was invited to attend the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) conference in San Diego. NAEH is a massive organization that focuses on bringing different service providers together to end homelessness across the country. They hold two meetings per year. On February 18, representatives from Mockingbird and the True Colors Fund were asked to give some youth insight in a panel discussion.

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Chapter Voices


“What is a prank you have played on someone or would like to do in the future?”

“I would like to fill my coworker’s office with sticky notes saying I was there.”

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We welcome submissions of articles, poetry, artwork, and photography from our young readers who have experience in the foster care system and/ or homelessness. If you want to be, or have been, published in the Mockingbird Times visit, call us at (206) 407-2134 or email us at youthprograms@ Note: Incoming letters to the editor and correspondence to youth under 18 years should be addressed to the Mockingbird Times and will be opened first by adult editorial staff.