Chapter Voices

“What is a prank you have played on someone or would like to do in the future?”

holly 1 
“I would like to fill my coworker’s office with sticky notes saying I was there.”
Yakima chapter member,  Holly Allen


“I would love to play the bucket-over-the-door trick. Instead of water, it would be slime. Just to add to the funny factor.”

YAEH chapter member, Alex Wilkinson


essence 1 



“A prank I would like to play is the Mayo prank. You take an old Mayo jar and rinse it out. Then you fill it with vanilla pudding. After you fill it with pudding, you eat it in public.”

Tacoma chapter leader, Essence Harris

mikhail 2 



“One of my brothers filled up a cup of vegetable oil (looks exactly like apple juice) and told me to try this new kind of apple juice. Before I could realize it was just oil, I had taken a huge gulp and swallowed it. Needless to say, it was scarring.”

Olympia chapter leader, Mikhail Stewart





“You take a milk jug and empty it and then take a mac-and-cheese box, take out the cheese mix and put it in the milk jug and then fill it up with water. Change the label to Orange Juice then have somebody drink it!”

Everett chapter member, Eric Davis


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