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Clayton Hefley


The Dream of Society
For how long was a veil drawn before
my eyes
Adopting mutual disguises
How long has it been since I opened my
And shifted my gray gaze to the shifting

How long was I deaf to the world that
As masses vanish and arise
And in silence are marked to die
As soothsayers harken fulminating lies
Intent to eclipse the skies

How long has my anger slept
As my peers wept a deluge
Where hope was summarily washed away
As child and mother part ways
Till the end of their days

How long did I stride the noxious haze
of the illusory maze?
That some feel fated full of lamentations
to wander
The rest of their naturally gifted days

How long will we awaken
Only to dream
Until we shred the seams of this dream

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