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Franky Price, Jr.

Addiction is a burden to those personally affected by it and a coping mechanism for those who suffer from it. One group of people disproportionately impacted by addiction are those in our foster care system — the most vulnerable youth among us.

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Azia Ruffdegale

You might know Degale Cooper: She was the very first Hub Home provider back in 2004 and has served as Director of Family Programs the last four years, overseeing and supporting the delivery, growth, and sustainability of the MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™. She recently spread her wings to YouthCare, where she continues her work in the community as Chief Programs Officer.

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Farid Rasuli

Farid article photo

Violence and persecution in Afghanistan compelled me to leave the country at the age of 14. This was not easy, especially because it was only my second timeleaving my hometown and the first without my family. I ended up in Indonesia; I became an asylum seeker. I waited one year to be recognized as a “refugee” by the United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees (UNHCR), then another two years to become eligible for the resettlement program to the United States.

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Emily FreemanEmily Freeman ILS

When you're a child in foster care that moves so often, when are you supposed to have time to learn basic skills? That was my personal experience through foster care. Thankfully, Pierce County Alliance’s Independent Living Skills Program (ILS) saved me. Before I entered the program, I will admit, I could not even set a simple practical budget! After attending their weekly meetings for a while, I was amazed at all the little things I didn’t know how to do that are needed for everyday life.

Color Youth Advocacy Day 349.AnnieDear Friends and Allies,

We know the separation of a child from their family causes indelible psychological harm and negatively impacts a child’s long-term development. Even in the most necessary of circumstances, family separation is traumatic. It can have consequences that last a lifetime and span across generations. Many of the young people who work with The Mockingbird Society have experienced this trauma and are open about the difficulty in overcoming the challenges associated with being removed from their families.

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