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Deonate Cruz

2015 has been an extremely busy year for The Mockingbird Society. We have grown our capacity and accomplished a lot. A lot of internal changes have been taking place for us, but through it all we have remained consistent in the quality of our work and laser focused on our mission to improve foster care and end youth homelessness. Three major events define what we have done this year.

Pay it Forward icon 1Pay It Forward

Janell Braxtoncourtney

It’s that time of year again when families and friends gather to celebrate the holidays. Traditions continue down generations and new ones begin. People sitting at a table pass food to one another with jingles playing softly in the background...

Dear Friends,letter from the exec

Happy Holidays! As I look back on the achievements of 2015, I want to thank our donors and friends for all of their support, and I especially want to thank the youth advocates and Chapter Leaders for their stellar advocacy and commitment through many challenges to help improve foster care and end youth homelessness. Because of your support, the Legislature expanded eligibility for Extended Foster Care in Washington state...

Screen Shot 2017 08 22 at 10.52.24 AMYAEH

Liz Hernandez

You see it usually in black and white — the sign that reads “no loitering.” According to “No Safe Place,” a report published by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, 33% of cities have city-wide bans on loitering in public. What is loitering? What was its original intent, and how has that changed over time?

Power of One iconPower of One

Ashley Haynes-Gibson

If there is one thing I have learned over the past four years, it is that you should never sacrifice what you need and want for someone else’s happiness. I just returned from Italy, where I had the opportunity to study abroad in the Alps. The study abroad course was on Emotional Intelligence, and is the reason why I’m writing to you today.

Special Contribution iconSpecial Contribution

Lamar Campbellantonio

On November 16th, Mockingbird had the privilege of bringing on the new Engagement Specialist for Olympia and Tacoma, Antonio Anderson. During the skills test section of his interview, Antonio did a phenomenal job at engaging the Network Representative team in an interactive icebreaker and came out as an exceptional candidate. As is the tradition with Mockingbird, we think it’s important to allow our readers and participants a sneak peek into who Antonio is and what he’s all about.

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Chapter Voices


“The holidays mean different things to different people.
What is something you like to do with your friends or
family during the holidays?”

“I like to eat and have fun and reminisce about the golden years. It’s always a fun time.”— Yakima chapter leader, Jade Tillequots

“I’m going to be spending time with my new family that I made and my partner.” — YAEH chapter member, Anton Summers


Art in Action iconArt in Action

Kim Hines


Transform Reality
I came from abuse, I came from sorrow.
What happened yesterday doesn’t determine tomorrow.
I remember the past so vividly, peoples
preconceptions about who I was gonna be
People in my old city thought they knew me.

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