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Lamar Campbellantonio

On November 16th, Mockingbird had the privilege of bringing on the new Engagement Specialist for Olympia and Tacoma, Antonio Anderson. During the skills test section of his interview, Antonio did a phenomenal job at engaging the Network Representative team in an interactive icebreaker and came out as an exceptional candidate. As is the tradition with Mockingbird, we think it’s important to allow our readers and participants a sneak peek into who Antonio is and what he’s all about.

Antonio received both his B.S. in Business Management and Master’s degree in Sports Administration from Grambling State University. While still in school, he spent his spare time mentoring youth in the community who came from low income families. Antonio credits this experience as being the moment where he started to find his passion for working with marginalized populations. In 2013, he started working for Kent Youth and Family Services as a Site Supervisor of an outreach and after school program.

To get to know him more, I dug a little deeper to see why he wanted to work at Mockingbird. This is what he had to say: “I became interested and wanted to be a part of The Mockingbird Society because I’m interested in the advocacy that we do, while giving back to the same communities that I came from with the opportunity to utilize my leadership skills and knowledge to create stronger leaders for the future.”

As Mockingbird is an advocacy organization, I was also really interested to know what advocacy means to him. Antonio said, “To me, advocacy is fighting for a change; to fix problems going on in our community and enriching it to be better.”

The Mockingbird Society welcomes Antonio with open arms and we are very happy to have another strong supporter, advocate, and friend to be a part in strengthening our community.

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