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“The holidays mean different things to different people. What is something you like to do with your friends or family during the holidays?”

jade 3 
“I like to eat and have fun and reminisce about the golden years. It’s always a fun time.”
Yakima chapter leader , Jade Tillequots

anton 1 

“I’m going to be spending time with my new family that I made and my partner.”

YAEH chapter member, Anton Summers


ashley a 



“During the holidays, I like to do White Elephant gift exchanges with family and friends. We also like to cook and visit Seattle!”

Seattle chapter member,  Ashley Aldrich




“During the holidays in my foster parent’s household, we would gather together a couple of days before Christmas and have a huge family dinner and gift exchange.”

Seattle chapter leader, James Sheard


sierra 1 



“This season I am trying to find clean and sober activities. On Thanksgiving I celebrated by watching movies with my housing program, and on Christmas I’m going to visit Eastern Washington to see my cousin and his family in Kennewick.”

YAEH chapter leader,Sierra Phillips







“I like to enjoy a nice meal for the holidays with my family, play a couple of board games, and end the night with a Christmas movie.”

Spokane chapter member, Victoria Manzo




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