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Brianna Winslow 

Braving the Streets

My life consists of braving the streets,

The life of always taking a back seat.

No voice, no opinion, nothing seems to matter,

I’ve no physical strength to climb up the ladder.

People around look at me as if I’m dead,

“It’s her fault, she’s the one to blame,” the system said.

The truth is I don’t have a family and I have no money.

Everyone’s just laughing, thinking living in poverty is funny.

This cruel world believes I planned my life this way,

Let’s be honest, I make a wish to change it every day.

All I’m asking for is a miracle, someone can you hear me?

Maybe one day I’ll find the solution.

You should be grateful for the life you are given.

You have warmth, love and prosperity.

While I have to rely on charity.

Dear world, hear my voice.

Living on the streets was never my choice.

I sit here at shelter as time slows,

Oh but at the same time look at that time go.

I never wanted life to be like this.

The life of not knowing how to feel bliss.

But you know what?

You can help save people like me.

You can make a difference in the world, you’ll see.

Love as much as you can.

Hey... Become somebody’s biggest fan.

If some of us had more support,

Maybe there wouldn’t be so many police reports.

Maybe more of us would be farther up the ladder.

Are you following the pattern?

My life won’t always consist of braving the streets.

I’m climbing into the driver's seat

I have opinions and a very loud voice — yes I matter.

It’s time to climb the ladder.

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