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Sam Seguido

Surfing the Void

First memory is climbing

Reaching up to a brighter future

not knowing of the coming suture

about to burst, on the wrong timing

waiting, just priming


Now I’m rhyming

About a dark past

Too hard to pass

Of a little kid

who always wonders what he did

to deserve this life he lives

Raised on the streets

looked down upon by passersby

with glaring eyes

who all must be cheats...

because why would my life start here

And you get to look down on me from there

Doesn’t matter

Slept outside in the cold winters from 1-10

Not knowing friends

raised by the unwanted

Not realizing how haunted

A normal life would be.

taunted by things I can’t see

When I did have a roof

There was little proof

of love in house, with a mom and no spouse

looking at a box, within a box

becoming isolated and crazy as a rabid fox

trying not to remember the hard knocks

growing distant from interaction

now trying my best not to get infractions

growing tired of my inability to connect

Trying to resurrect

that first memory...

Always gets the best of me

Avid for the days to reach that light

Can’t stop this fight.

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