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““What rituals do you have for ending the old year or starting off the new one well?”

“My rituals for ending the year involve burning that current years’ list of regrets, and reminding myself that the pain will be useful in the new year. “Perfect et obdura, dolorhictibi proderit olim.” Latin for ‘Be patient, and remain tough; this pain will be useful to you someday.’”
Everett chapter member, Wesley Robinson




“Playing chess tends to stimulate my mind- improving skills and strategic ways of thinking. At the start and end of each year, I play myself in chess as a way to measure how much I have improved.”

Seattle chapter member, Julian Barrington





“I pray. It is a Muslim’s priority to pray during the end/beginning of a new year. This year my husband and I will attend Jumma the last and beginning day of the new year.”

Yakima chapter member, Samantha Howard




“I reflect on the old year and areas that I fell short. I try to improve in the areas I fell short in heading into the new year.”

Spokane chapter member, Britney Presson


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“What I do to end the old year and start the new year is I leave everything I did in the old year behind and I start the new year with making a change in the community.”

YAEH chapter member, Dakota Donley








“Starting the new year, I think about the good things and what things I might want to change. I always spend it with family or caring people, that way my year doesn’t start out bad. I don’t do new year’s resolutions- I know I won’t actually commit to it 100%.”

Olympia chapter member, Epiphany Wall




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