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Violet Banks

I Stand For, I Stand With

I stand for acceptance of one’s self,
integrity and community

I stand for the United Kingdom of
God; the One and everlasting love that
triumphs against all frail fabrications of
life and thereafter

I stand with the culture of laughter,
opening the eyes of those that have
been shut and mouths that have been

I stand with education, the knowledge
of the power that is in my words which
I speak into life and existence

I stand with Dr. Carter Woodson who
gave the world the history of African
Americans creating a culture that had
never been acknowledged

I stand for the strength of my ancestors
who broke the chains of physical
bondage, tyranny, and injustice, then
encouraged their children to break the
mental chains of slavery society casts
upon us

I stand for the belief that all youth are
the future and deserve a chance to be

I stand for the youth and young adults
who came from nothing and made
something great from it

I stand with the entrepreneurs of
society, building and redefining the
techniques of self-made empires

I stand with those who have overcome
the battles of feeling inadequate and
always in the way

I stand with those who have cried their
way to sleep at night in deep fear of
never being loved

I stand for those who feel weak for
opening their hearts in the name of
love just for their hearts to be smashed
and broken in a repetitious cycle

I stand for truth for the truth has set
me free and believe me when I say,

I stand for me.

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