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Ashley Aldrich

How do we measure time?

Through seconds, through minutes

Do we use hours, days, weeks, or years?

I guess we use them all.

But how do we know that time is real?

We use time to run our lives.

But in reality, we will never have enough

of it to do everything we really want.

Never enough time for life. To live it to the fullest.

Never enough time to love. To find

that one person and love them with

everything you have or to just find those

close friends that you love.

Never enough time to dream. To

accomplish your dreams or goals.

Time is a silly thing.

I know that we’d be lost without time, obviously.

But why is it really needed in the first place?

Before it was invented, the world got along.

Now it secretly ruins us all.

Never enough to do what we really want.

Never enough.

There’s always a deadline, always an expectation.

Why can’t we just get rid of time and live

our lives the way we want to?

We’d be able to live, to love, to dream.

We could be successful.

So how do we measure time?