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 Art in Action iconArt in Action

Heaven Burns


Little Mockingbird
Go, little Mockingbird
Let your dreams soar
All the way across the land
From shore to shore
Spread your wings wide and fly
Don’t be stopped by the questions why

System reform iconSystem Reform

Deonate Cruztms staff

During the 2015 legislative session, The Mockingbird Society helped advocate for and pass Extended Foster Care, the Homeless Youth Prevention and Protection Act, and Medication Management for Foster Youth. We also supported the YEAR (Youth Equality and Reintegration) Act, which passed with overwhelming support. Here is a little background information about these bills and the process of getting them passed.

Power of One iconPower of One

Violet Banks

On Wednesday, April 29th, the Obama Administration held a policy briefing on youth homelessness. I was surprised when I was selected to represent youth from the Pacific Northwest at the event. I was beyond excited to know that they were using the voices of young people to create new policies around youth homelessness.

hickory gatelessWe are at the end of an era — the era of Jim Theofelis’ extraordinary leadership of The Mockingbird Society. Thank you to all who attended Jim’s Salute event on May 14, which honored his commitment to the children, youth, and families that we serve. We wish Jim nothing but the best as he begins a new chapter, and we know Jim and Mockingbird will remain close friends and allies.

Pay it Forward icon 1Pay It Forward

Mandy Urwilerstarbucks

Are you between the ages of 16 and 24? Are you unemployed and not in school? Don’t worry — that’s common for youth who have been in foster care or who have experienced homelessness. If you fall into this group, some policymakers may call you an “opportunity youth.”

Special Contribution iconSpecial Contribution

Shana, Liz & Janell

Since its inception, The Mockingbird Society has employed youth and young adults in a variety of roles — as training facilitators, as members of various community boards — in addition to providing them opportunities to share their personal testimonies. We also look to these young adults to be peer advocates for other young people who are or have been in foster care and/or experienced homelessness.

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Chapter Voices


“What is one thing on your summer bucket list?”

“Find out which college I want to go to, finish my mixtape, get a job at Lids, and become more involved with Mockingbird.”

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We welcome submissions of articles, poetry, artwork, and photography from our young readers who have experience in the foster care system and/ or homelessness. If you want to be, or have been, published in the Mockingbird Times visit, call us at (206) 407-2134 or email us at youthprograms@ Note: Incoming letters to the editor and correspondence to youth under 18 years should be addressed to the Mockingbird Times and will be opened first by adult editorial staff.