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Montrai Williamspower of youth summary

Each year we have a pre-Youth Advocacy Day (YAD) article and a post-YAD article. Each year, we write about our experience at YAD, what past YAD’s have been like, and how we grow after every YAD. At Mockingbird’s headquarters we debrief as a group. This year Jim Theofelis, Mockingbird Youth Network and Youth Advocates Ending Homelessness (YAEH) participants, and I will share some of our thoughts with you!

letter from the editor 1On February 27, 2015 The Mockingbird Society and our supporters from across Washington state gathered in Olympia for our annual Youth Advocacy Day. I want to share with all of you the speech I gave on that day. Thank you for your unwavering support for our children, youth, and families.

Youth from across the state rallied at the State Capitol on Friday, February 27, 2015 to advocate for issues they believe will improve foster care and end youth homelessness. For more photos of YAD 2015, visit

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Deonate Cruzvision

The Mockingbird Society has flourished under the leadership of Jim Theofelis these past 14 years. While he has set the groundwork for Washington state to utilize youth-led coalitions like The Mockingbird Society, much still needs to be done to reform the child welfare system. The Mockingbird Society has distinguished itself as a leader in system reform, and has begun to establish a national presence. Here is a look at what we have accomplished in the last 14 years:

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Violet Banks

As our Mockingbird Youth Network Representatives met at a regular team meeting, discussing future events and Youth Advocacy Day, news came in that one of Seattle’s biggest pop stars — Macklemore — would make an onsite visit to Mockingbird. You can only imagine the various reactions our staff presented. There were mixtures of excited “Yay’s!” and then some silent, puzzled faces from a few who seemed as if they had lived under a rock for the past five years.

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“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

“If I weren’t afraid of anything I would go after what I truly want to be, a surgeon. I’m terrified of the sight of blood”

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Yolanda Kilgore


Static Kinetic Flows of Energy
by Yolanda Kilgore

Some keep silence for honor
There are those who cannot measure up
In spirit when it comes to their own physical nature…
The push and pull of the danger of internal
Tides creates a vortex that allow more severe
Energy to disband as the welcoming of a
New future shows for the sun to rise within
The eyes. Although too many have fallen victim
To majority rule. As well as its after effect
No one stands up anymore

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We welcome submissions of articles, poetry, artwork, and photography from our young readers who have experience in the foster care system and/ or homelessness. If you want to be, or have been, published in the Mockingbird Times visit, call us at (206) 407-2134 or email us at youthprograms@ Note: Incoming letters to the editor and correspondence to youth under 18 years should be addressed to the Mockingbird Times and will be opened first by adult editorial staff.