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“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

sherilynn 1 
“If I weren’t afraid of anything I would go after what I truly want to be, a surgeon. I’m terrified of the sight of blood.” 

Yakima Chapter Member, Cheryllynne Haynes


“What do I fear? I cannot actually recall ever being afraid of anything. This lack of fear has both helped and hindered me in various ways. It has helped me feel confident and able to tackle any challenge but it has also caused me to jump ahead into situations that are not always beneficial to me.”

Olympia Chapter LeaderStuart Keranen





“If I weren’t afraid, my life would be all about risk and not having to be afraid of the consequences I would have to face afterwards.”

Yakima Chapter Member, Jesus De Santo

nathan 1 



“If I weren’t scared or afraid of my future out of college I would probably be more into going when it comes to finding a job that requires a certain degree. However, I have mixed feelings because my dad never went to college but my mom did.”

Tacoma Chapter MemberNathan Knox





“If I weren’t afraid I would have testified and told my story for others, instead of just in front of Mockingbird employees. I think that would finally give me the closure I have been wanting in my life and grant me the ability to move on.”

Tacoma Chapter LeaderETianna Oliver


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