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“What is your favorite advocacy-related memory from the 2015-2016 advocacy cycle?”

“Our favorite memory from this year was seeing our youngest sister join The Mockingbird Society, attend Summit, and the last two Youth Advocacy Days. A favorite moment was watching her speak at Summit. It was her first public speaking opportunity and she did great! We are so proud to watch her grow into a strong advocate.”

Everett Chapter members, Jil Nance and Eden Hottman-Nance




“I have too many great memories from Youth Advocacy Day, but a few that stood out were being able to voice some of the issues in foster care to legislators in Olympia, marching around the Capitol, and talking to other alumni of foster care.”

Seattle Chapter member, Jacob Braxton

jade 2 



“Getting in the pool with my cast on, staying up with Heaven to make our Summit visual and playing a college ping pong player and beating him.”

Yakima Chapter Leader, Jade Tillequots

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My favorite memory from 2015 was my first SLC (State Leadership Council), before Summit, when I truly started to understand what Mockingbird was and what they do. I didn’t really understand what they did until I was in the meeting, but I’m so glad I went. It was fun and informing.”

Spokane Chapter member, Lovella Fulton





“Getting to speak at Youth Advocacy Day was my favorite memory, because last year at Youth Advocacy Day I was not doing as well as I am now.”

YAEH Chapter Leader, Sierra Phillips








“Getting to see Speaker Frank Chopp’s warm sense of humor at Youth Advocacy Day.”

YAEH Chapter Leader, Tyler Donhardt




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