Art in Action iconArt in Action

Kim Hines

Youth Advocacy Day

Amending injustice

Providing advocacy

Fighting for change, for equality.

Putting a face to the issues, providing


Proof of a shared reality...

The Mockingbird Society

Empowering youth to alter perceptions,

to tell their story.

To be the best they can be,

To demand justice, to fight for equality.

Neglecting self-fulfilling prophesies.

We determine who we’re gonna be.

You and me

Creating change, endless possibility

Nothing is fixed, transform reality.

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We Welcome
Your Work

We welcome submissions of articles, poetry, artwork, and photography from our young readers who have experience in the foster care system and/ or homelessness. If you want to be, or have been, published in the Mockingbird Times visit, call us at (206) 407-2134 or email us at youthprograms@ Note: Incoming letters to the editor and correspondence to youth under 18 years should be addressed to the Mockingbird Times and will be opened first by adult editorial staff.