Chapter Voices

“Who is someone you look up to, and why?”

epiphany 2 

“My friend Joey. He inspires me to be patient, obedient. He is kind and smart. I don’t think anyone could ever be as patient as him. He really is a calm fellow.”

Olympia chapter member,  Epiphany Hart

isaiah 3 

“Singer Fantasia Barrino inspires me a lot! She showed the world no matter what you’ve been through or how hard and full, it’s about getting back up and where you end up at. She also let me know every super star begins with a dream.”

Tacoma chapter leader,  Isaiah Williams


kim 1 



“Kathy Bock, she’s an outstanding social worker and she’s a powerful advocate.”

Seattle chapter member, Kim Hines




“I aspire to be like my high school teacher who taught ceramics. She introduced me to different experiences that no one else had shown me yet. I hope to channel her whenever I can.”

YAEH chapter member, Liz Hernandez





“Number one person is my mom. She raised me all alone and didn’t give up.”

Yakima chapter member, Adolfo Cortez


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