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Ashley Aldrich

Life is Like a Rose

Life is like a rose.

Beautiful at first glance,

But when looked at closer, it’s full of thorns.

You can choose to accept them or avoid them,

But they’ll always be there.

No matter what.

These thorns of life will knock you down.

It’s up to you whether you get back up.

You can do it alone,

Or you can ask for help.

Whatever choice you make, your life will change.

No matter what.

These petals of life will make you happy.

Love, friends, whatever you can think of.

But it’s a matter of whether you will

allow them to or not.

The petals come in all forms, shapes,

sizes and colors.

All you must do is see them, notice them.

No matter what.

Life is like a rose.

Full of beauty and pain.

Love and heartbreak.

Friends and enemies.

No matter what.


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