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“With elections coming up, what are you doing to be an educated voter?”

valerie 1 
“Personally, I like to avoid certain sources of information, such as biased media that attempts to shape our opinion of those running in the election. When it comes time to vote, I will go to trusted and credible online resources to research the candidates in order to make an impartial, educated decision. One source I will definitely utilize is the online voter’s pamphlet at”
Olympia leadership team member, Valerie Skelton


“I’m learning what I can about each candidate and finding out everything I possibly can about my candidates of choice.”

Seattle chapter member, Ashley Aldrich


jil 1 



“I’m staying up to date with trustworthy news sources and learning all I can about the issues I care about.”

Everett chapter member, Jil Nance





“To become an educated voter I am going to look up the pros and cons of the politicians. I will also write down a list of questions I have and find someone educated on politics to assist me. One final thing I will do is make sure to read the instructions on the ballot.”

Tacoma chapter leader, Essence Harris


anton 2 



“I am helping my Engagement Specialist facilitate the Power of Voting Training at New Horizons Ministries. It is helping me understand the whole process of voting and why it is important.”

YAEH chapter member, Anton Summers







“I plan on reading the voters pamphlet and looking up information online.”

Yakima chapter member, Katie Yelechchin



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