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I wrote this because I changed homes and schools often in foster care, but I seemed to never lose track of my persistence to succeed. Facing change and adversity led to a light being turned on that may have never turned on in my previous environment. I just needed a place to excel in and I imagine this would be sort of like a call made to a foster parent about me. I want to urge foster youth that despite the obstacles of their past, they can succeed in the future.

Her parents aren’t in any place to provide

Chanel art.adj

— Chanel Winkoff, YAEH Chapter


No sole representative — Azia Ruff

Could you take her in, be so kind
as to abide?
She is a loving and sweet girl
Who should be treated like a pearl

Her parents need some time to get it right
In the meantime, please help with
all your might
She’s been stripped of all she’s ever known
And she feels alone

Counseling and supervised visits take
quite a bit of her time
Hindering her ability to climb
She needs a place to be a kid
For the future it would benefit

School for her is a mental getaway
She hides there from the foster system day
to day For this I say she copes with school work
And in times approaching she will not face
being out of work

Adversity can sometimes be a blessing
And in her case, she is pressing
For a future above her past
To be successful at last

Could you take her in?
And ride along for the win
For she is a peculiar case
And will for sure leave a trace
Those to follow will gain hope
From the one who knew how to cope

Could you take her in?

Madison Anderson, Yakima Chapter

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