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Ezra Alemezra


Coming from an environment with a troubled past and moving to one like The Mockingbird Society can be somewhat stressful. The amount of tension that is caused by opening your past and sharing your stories can be overwhelming. The Mockingbird Society gave me the opportunity to learn and understand how to use my experience in a positive way. I didn’t grow up with a supportive system, but because of Mockingbird, I found a supportive system that I can rely on with almost anything.

Ever since I left my family at the age of 12, my life changed completely. I thought to myself that it was necessary to support and advocate for myself. I wanted to mature at a very young age, but by preventing myself from being a kid, I omitted things that were important. My voice was not being heard because of how I was behaving. Now, when I watch my colleagues at Mockingbird, I see that it is vital to change how I approach things, especially my actions, so I can express my point of view more effectively to others and better connect with those who can help me.

For a long time, I refused to get close to people. Because of my involvement with Mockingbird, I have developed a community and made some great acquaintances during my time that are helping me develop a healthier future. I am not a perfect human being. The fear of wanting to follow my old self still lurks close by, but each day I come back to Mockingbird, I learn to be a stronger advocate for myself.

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