Chapter Voices

“What is an issue besides foster care or youth homelessness that you are passionate about? What are you doing to teach others about this issue?”

samantha 1 
“Drug addiction and gang violence—advocating to my peers and younger people I see these issues are affecting. I plan to own a non-profit organization to help people that these issues affect.”

Yakima chapter member, Samantha Andrews


“I am passionate about doing small acts of kindness every day. I do this by being a leader and showing the impact of small acts of kindness by doing something every day that helps others.”

Everett chapter member, Matthew Cabanayan






“I am passionate about underserved youth continuing to thrive and to get their education. It is important and is the only way for us to make it and not be a statistic. I encourage youth to do their best and stay in school.”

Seattle chapter leader, Lexi Morgan

sabian 2 



“I am passionate about sexual education and the lack thereof. I have been a member of Teen Council and peer educated about safe sex and consent. We also advocated on a political level for funding Planned Parenthood.”

Olympia chapter member, Sabian Hart






“I’m very passionate about singing and writing songs because I’m able to talk about my experiences and people can relate. So I’m able to help them get through things or help comfort them.”

Tacoma chapter member, Isaiah Williams



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