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“What is one thing you do to keep a healthy mind and body?”

“When it comes to my body and mind, I like to sit down and write poetry or I just write. I find that writing for me helps distract and ease my mind from what is on it. I like to go on walks and just listen to different kinds of music that fits into the mood that I am in. I find that taking long walks is very soothing for the mind because it helps me process whatever is going on.”

Olympia chapter member, Natalia Ogden 


“True health of the mind and body is obtained by a healthy thinking process. I feel as if you manifest anything and everything that is occurring so in the future: eat healthy, treat your body like it’s the only one you have and most importantly, take care of the thoughts that go through your mind because that is where everything starts.”

Seattle chapter member, Roel Williams






“I listen to music loudly and sing at the top of my lungs! I also love working out- it helps me feel energized and have more confidence in myself.”

Everett chapter member, Morganne Darby

isaiah 1 



“I keep a positive outlook on life, so I keep my mind on all that is well and positive.”

Tacoma leadership team member, Isaiah Willliams



anton 3 



“I meditate and adjust my schedule to physically take care of my body. I also put myself in an environment that is safe and healthy for my emotional life.”

YAEH chapter member, Anton Summers


lovella 2 

“To maintain a healthy mind and body currently I have been challenging myself to do yoga 7 days a week. It keeps my body healthy and energized and keeps my mind alert.”

Spokane chapter member, Lovella Fulton


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