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System reform iconSystem Reform
Farid Rasuli

America can strengthen people’s lives, and those people can, in turn, strengthen America. Recently, rumors have circulated that the executive branch wants to reduce refugee admission to zero. Through this program, thousands of people, who are escaping violence and persecution find a safe and stable place to call home in the United States. A percentage of those thousands of people are Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM), who will end up in foster care due to the fact that they are underage and don’t have any relatives in the United States — like myself. Closing our doors to this population is unjust and wrong. Harboring URMs is the right thing to do. It is very simple; we have the resources to care for unaccompanied refugee minors. Why shouldn’t we help these young people? Further, resettling refugees is in America’s best interest — both morally and economically.


Identicards: Why They’re Necessary

System reform iconSystem Reform
Rinn Cronin Kleinman

Rinn Olympias Chapter Leader pic.adj
I moved from New York State a little over a year and a half ago to become a student at Evergreen State College. Though I was working two jobs and going to classes,I could not afford to pay my bills and still have the money or the time to get a Washington state Identification card. Seven months ago somebody stole my wallet from my workplace,which left me without any form of photo ID. So I made my way down to the DMV in Lacey, WA, and was given a long list of documents that count towards getting an ID. I was unable to complete most of them due to not having parents, my lack of photo ID, no criminal record, no marriage certificate, etc.

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Letter from the Executive Director

Color Youth Advocacy Day 349.AnnieThe Mockingbird Society is committed to addressing inequity and transforming the systems and institutions that impact youth experiencing homelessness and foster care. We also recognize that the inequities that exist in our society as a whole have a far greater impact than just those in the systems we seek to transform. In this issue, young people voice their opinions in an effort to draw attention to the many ways inequity plays a role in our lives.






The Right to Recess

Pay it Forward icon 1Pay It Forward
Avrey Tuttle Tuttle Right to Recess.adj

During elementary school, I remember staring at the analog clock still not being able to tell time. But I knew exactly where the big hand would be placed when it was time for recess. Recess was always the most anticipated time of the day, all twenty minutes of it. In my opinion, whoever thought of recess had the right idea. I remember the feeling of confinement sitting in the classroom, and the freedom I felt the second my feet touched the black top on the playground.


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Hostile Architecture

Power of One iconPower of One
Alyssa Downing Alyssa Downing Hostile Architecture.adj

If you walk anywhere in Seattle, you’ve probably noticed a lot of uneven, broken sidewalks, especially in suburban areas. Most people might think this is just a minor inconvenience or a small safety hazard. I, myself, once got a concussion from tripping on an uneven sidewalk as a teenager. But for some people, especially those who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters to get around, it can make certain streets literally untraversable.


Be Wary of False Perceptions

System reform iconSystem Reform
Brianna Franco

On September 10th, 2019, Q13 Fox News aired a segment where they visited the detention center located in Tacoma. It was clear it was a publicity stunt. ICE’s main concern was to dispel the “rumors, myths, and misconceptions” of the facility. There were 13 journalist allowed inside, to see how the facility runs “day to day,” from intake, to medical care, and food. “While the tour certainly was a rare glimpse inside an ICE detention center, the purpose behind the tour is perhaps a more important story,” said QFOX13 News reporter, Brandi Kruse.


Life on the Fence

Power of One iconPower of One
Brianna Fenske

Brianna Fenske Reporter Photo Q4 Tacoma.adj
My name is Brianna, I am a 23 year old woman, and I am a white Latina/Asian American. I know what you’re thinking. That’s a mouthful and probably a little bit confusing or irrelevant for some. Before I delve in to exactly how and why that is my “assigned identity,” I’ll give you a bit of my background.

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