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MOCKINGBIRD FAMILYTM: Reports & Evaluations

The launch of MOCKINGBIRD FAMILYTM included two phases. During Phase I from 2004 through 2009, we set out to prove the effectiveness of the concept. During this five-year period, outcomes such as child safety, permanency, placement stability, sibling connections, culturally relevant care, caregiver retention, and child welfare systems change were tracked. Below are detailed evaluation reports.

The following outcomes of MOCKINGBIRD FAMILYTM have been collected through ongoing assessments of existing replication sites. For detailed information, please refer to the Management Reports and Evaluations listed below:

2009 MFM Management Report and Executive Summary (December 2010)
2008 MFM Management Report and Executive Summary (December 2009)

Evaluations by the University of Washington's Northwest Institute for Children and Families:
Fifth Report from the University of Washington (February 2007)
Fourth Report from the University of Washington (January 2006)
Third Evaluation from the University of Washington (January 2005) 
Second Evaluation from the University of Washington (September 2004) 
First Evaluation from the University of Washington (April 2004)

Based on the positive outcomes demonstrated from 2004 to 2009, full-scale evaluations have been suspended as we seek a macro-replication site during Phase II. Once a system-wide program is created, we intend to develop a similar evaluation strategy to assess the impact of MOCKINGBIRD FAMILYTM Constellations compared to non-MOCKINGBIRD FAMILYTM sites.