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Youth Advocacy Day!

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself:

2. Please select which age range you fall in:

3. Please select ALL that apply to you

4. Do you belong to a Mockingbird Chapter? If yes, which Chapter:

5. Do you work for an agency that helps youth experiencing foster care or homelessness?


6. Below are a list of agencies that were represented at Youth Advocacy Day in 2016 and 2017.

Please select the agency/ies you represent.  If you do not see your agency in this list, please write it in the Other field.

7. Are you interested in being a Policy Liaison at Youth Advocacy Day?

-Policy Liaisons are community partners who have worked with Mockingbird on legislative issues and/or are seasoned YAD participants. They serve as a resource for the group during legislative meetings.

* We will take responses into consideration as we form our groups for Youth Advocacy Day and get back to you if you are selected for this role. Thank you for your interest!

8. The Mockingbird Society is funded in part by private grants that often require additional information about the people we serve, i.e. race, ethnicity, gender.  

If you are a young person impacted by the foster care system and/or homelessness and you feel comfortable sharing this information, please complete the questions on this page. Your answers to these questions are confidential and will not be distributed. Thank you!

How do you describe your gender identity (male, female, transgender, etc)?

9. Race/Ethnicity (select the options that most apply to you)

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