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These Are Community Issues

"A lot of young adults are already working on this. but to get any further, we need help from all of the community to continue making progress and going forward.”

– Dakota Neuman, Mockingbird Chapter Leader

Each year, 9,000+ young people enter foster care in WA state alone. And for the vast majority of these young people, entering the system leads to overwhelmingly dismal outcomes – outcomes we wouldn’t wish for any child.

Our systems must do better. For twenty years, Mockingbird's young leaders have been dedicated to transforming foster care and ending youth homelessness - and we hope you'll join them. We can all be part of this work. By supporting Mockingbird’s young people, you’re supporting a stronger community, because these issues impact all of us.

The Mockingbird Society’s mission is to transform foster care and end youth homelessness.

Working in partnership with young people who’ve lived through the systems we’re transforming, we change policies, perceptions, and practices that stand in between any young person and a safe, supportive, stable home.

King County Report

A Youth and Young Adult Community Response to the Regional Action Plan

Our Collective Power is Strong

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